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The Concept for the department store Self Service 2000:

Is the very first worldwide High Tech Project with optimized customer oriented service. At present large chains are looking for a new concept. The department store SELF Service 2000 is offering a new shopping culture connected with the traditional shopping habits.The products of the daily requirements are offered in a pleasant atmosphere without any stress and around the  clock.

The customer
•    does not have to bother by physically moving his purchases off the shelves
•    does not have to bother with unmanageable shopping carts at the checkout counter
•    nor does he have to bother with repeated loading and unloading his purchases until he is ready to drive home.

New trends and new shopping habits will be joined in such a way offering the customer a real value. The unique customer orientation (without the difficult customer oriented commissioning), shopping without absolutely any problems an any day of the year as well as the unusual sales principle will guarantee a very high net yield.

This is how the department store operates:

  • The customer drives to any free parking lot  Parkplatz SB2000
  • With an available portable bar code reader (scanner) he goes to the store    Strichcode Lesegerät SB2000

  • The customer can see and examine the original products - as samples. Then he can order by using the bar code readerAusschnitt Präsentationswand SB2000Verkaufsraum Präsentationswände SB2000Verkaufsraum Gesamtangebot SB2000

  • The fully automatic storage system makes up the order with the help of robots
  • After payment at the checkout counter and returning the scanner the articles purchased are released directly at the parking lot in a containerAusgang Kassenautomat SB2000
  • After the purchase having been controlled the entire purchase is touched only once until it has been moved and loaded into the vehicle
  • After returning the container the exit is cleared for the customer
Gesamtobjekt SB2000Querschnitt Gesamtobjekt SB2000Gesamtobjekt Draufsicht SB2000

SELF-Service 2000 - Performances

  • self scanning
  • booking in advance by telephone
  • booking in advance via Internet
  • for the handicapped from the parked car

  • after telephone order
  • after Internet order
  • after orders having been placed, if pedestrians or two wheel driver rental car

  • errand boys an the parking lots (packing, technical assistance)
  • The best and most simple handling possible and understandable signs guarantee an optimal shopping comfort.
  • Organizing data for targeted marketing actions
  • Virtual shopping - already possible during the planning phase as advertisement
  • Multimedia - US-Trends - to organize

Facts - Self Service 2000 / CCM

  • Maximized, customer oriented 24 hour service; Multi functionality
  • Adjusting closing times
  • Suitable for all products which can be transported in a car
  • Suitable for all age groups and the handicapped
  • Blackmail impossible
  • Integrated restaurant with a panoramic view
  • No shopping carts
  • No use of parking space (ecological advantage)
  • Covered parking lots
  • Small property sizes (economic advantage)
Coverage of the market - short and medium-term:
1 seif-service market 2000 for a population of approx. 300,000
Approx. 250 in Germany, approx. 1000 in Europe


To integrate all sales possibilities available!

european patent Nr. 0742928 granted, 07.01.1998


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